Why Your AirPods Hold Pausing And How To Repair It

First issues first, come nearer to your iPhone or the linked Apple machine and take a look at taking part in one thing once more. Normally, AirPods perform as much as 60 ft from the iPhone or iPad. Nonetheless, if there are too many obstacles or interference in between, comparable to partitions or different wi-fi networks, your earbuds would possibly battle to take care of the Bluetooth connection, which might pause the playback. 

In case your AirPods hold pausing even after you cut back the gap between them and the linked machine, rapidly test your web pace. Typically, what we predict is an issue with the earphones could possibly be a poor or unstable web connection that is not offering sufficient bandwidth for the music or video to load. 

Final however not least, put the AirPods again within the case, allow them to relaxation for an excellent minute or so, and put on them once more to see if the issue nonetheless exists. Greater than fixing your earbuds, these items enable you to affirm whether or not one thing is incorrect.