Why WD-40 Beats Out Compressed Air When It Comes To Cleansing Electronics

Along with its signature lubricant and degreaser, WD-40 additionally produces a line of specialist-grade merchandise, one of the vital helpful being Electrical Contact Cleaner. This does bear stressing — don’t use conventional WD-40 to scrub your electronics, as these chemical compounds will not be designed for secure utility on delicate units.

The Electrical Contact Cleaner, nonetheless, is specifically formulated to be safely utilized to digital elements like circuit boards, battery terminals, electrical panels, and switches. It is also nice for clearing out crystalized battery corrosion and flux.

The key weapon of this system is its potential to evaporate virtually immediately after utility. Versus one thing like alcohol, Contact Cleaner leaves no stains or residue after you spray it. It loosens up any contaminants, after which poof, it is gone. You would possibly want slightly brush to wipe off any free gunk, however due to the spray, any stragglers ought to fall off with minimal effort.