Watch: India's Historic Moon Touchdown

In addition to the final achievement of efficiently touchdown on the moon’s floor, the Chandrayaan-3 mission is notable for managing the closest touchdown to the moon’s south pole so far. The south pole hasn’t had a lot direct analysis carried out upon it, however in line with potential analysis, it could possibly be a scientific goldmine. 

It’s believed that the south pole comprises deposits of frozen water, which could possibly be utilized in a future mission to create recent propulsion gasoline, and even transformed into consuming water for astronauts.

Along with its analysis on the south pole, the Pragyan rover contains a built-in seismometer meant to measure potential seismic exercise on the moon. In an effort to organize for future manned missions, it is vital to find out if and when the lunar floor experiences earthquakes (or moonquakes, quite), and how much severity they attain.

“You need to be sure that any potential seismic exercise would not endanger any astronauts,” Dr. Angela Marusiak of the College of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory informed CNN on the topic. “Or, if we had been to construct constructions on the moon, that they might be secure from any seismic exercise.”

With the info-gathering mission formally underway, the lander and rover modules are anticipated to go about their duties for about two weeks’ time, throughout which the propulsion module will stay in orbit to beam recent knowledge again to Earth.