This Russian Navy Ship Is Over 100 Years Outdated And Is Nonetheless In Service At present

Not solely is the “Kommuna” nonetheless floating, however it’s nonetheless utilized by the Russian fleet to this very day, making it the oldest energetic naval vessel on the planet. It has sailed underneath each iteration of Russia (the Imperials, Soviets, and Russian Federation) since her building and survived each World Wars and a revolution. 

When Nazi Germany invaded Russia in 1941, the “Kommuna” was instrumental through the 900-day siege of Leningrad. Whereas receiving appreciable injury, she nonetheless recovered tanks, automobiles, and provides that had both sunk on different ships or fallen via the ice. Moreover, she is credited with elevating dozens of submarines and ships through the course of the conflict.

In 1967 she was retrofitted, geared up with small deep-dive submersibles and ROVs (Remotely Operated Autos), and despatched to the Black Sea for restoration and salvage missions. In 1974 the “Kommuna” was geared up with a DSRV (Deep Submergence Rescue Automobile) and has rescued over 150 subs, ships, and even the occasional airplane.

In April 2022, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (the “Moskva”) could or could not have been hit by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. The Russians claimed a fireplace began on board which brought about the injury however regardless of the case, the “Moskva” sank and the Russian Navy despatched the over-a-century-old “Kommuna” out to salvage what it may.