This Aluminum Foil Hack Can Repair Your Weak Wi-Fi (However There's A Main Catch)

You might need heard about wrapping your Wi-Fi router in foil to extend sign energy, however for the hack to be efficient, you’ll need a 3D-printed reflector. Researchers at Dartmouth School created a program that customized prints a reflector in your house after taking into consideration the inside format, location of the router, areas you need the sign elevated, and areas you need it decreased.

This info is fed right into a program known as WiPrint, which creates an optimized reflector form in your router and residential in about 23 minutes. The form can then be fed right into a 3D printer. The answer is fast and cheap, costing about $35 to manufacture. The reflector is roofed with aluminum foil and positioned across the antennas of your wi-fi router. Whereas supplies like copper and silver additionally work, aluminum is the most cost effective and most accessible.

Throughout testing, the researchers discovered that utilizing a 3D-printed reflector and aluminum foil boosted the Wi-Fi sign by as much as 55.1% in goal areas whereas weakening it in others by -63.3%. This technique not solely will increase Wi-Fi effectivity but in addition makes it tougher for hackers to entry your Wi-Fi by limiting the sign to specific areas of your private home.