The 5 Greatest Dodge Challenger Bolt-Ons To Add Extra Energy

The inventory air filter and air field in a Dodge Challenger are ok for road driving. Nonetheless, you might unlock extra efficiency by putting in a chilly air consumption package. A chilly air consumption permits extra chilly air to burn contained in the combustion chamber. And since colder air is denser than sizzling air, extra oxygen means a extra substantial burn in each combustion cycle, unlocking 13 to twenty-eight extra horses with a easy bolt-on set up.

There’s extra. Putting in a chilly air consumption to a V6 or V8 Dodge Challenger ends in a extra exhilarating consumption sound each time you drop the pedal. As well as, chilly air intakes usually include washable and reusable air filters, saving you cash on each time and upkeep whereas serving to rid the surroundings of business waste.

Oil catch can

Whereas an oil catch can is not going to essentially add extra energy and torque, it prevents pre-ignition, knocking, and energy loss to maintain your V6 or V8 Challenger in tip-top form. Moreover, direct-injected engines would profit most from an oil catch can to forestall the dangerous buildup of gunky contaminants within the consumption system.

Regardless of not being an official performance-enhancing bolt-on mod, the filtering capabilities of an oil catch can (or oil separator) assist cut back blow-by and stop dangerous sludge on the consumption manifold. The most effective half is oil separators are comparatively cheap and simple to put in.