Right now's Wordle Reply #640 – March 21, 2023 Answer And Hints

Nonetheless uncertain? The phrase you are searching for is “powerful.” Per Merriam-Webster, and as you seemingly already know, it describes one thing or somebody characterised by severity or devoid of softness or sentimentality. Etymonline stories that the phrase has had a protracted tenure within the English language, stemming from the Outdated English “toh,” which implies “sturdy and agency in texture, tenacious, sticky,” and that being from the Proto-Germanic “tanhu,” of unsure origin.

We have been notably fortunate right now — it solely took two guesses to unravel the thriller due to a fantastically lucky first guess, “cough.” However even with that, there have been three different doable solutions other than “powerful” — bough, dough, and tough, so guessing accurately was pure luck. After all, luck is an unreliable technique, however you improve your probabilities of fixing a Wordle for those who use a strategic beginning phrase. And for those who take pleasure in Wordle, listed here are some comparable video games you may additionally like.