Prime Gear's 10 Most Memorable Stunts You Have To See

After a number of years, “Prime Gear” began producing hour-long specials. In season 9, episodeĀ 3, they embark upon travels throughout the South after being given $1,000 to purchase vehicles in Florida. Jeremy Clarkson purchased a Camaro, James Could discovered a large Cadillac, and Richard Hammond purchased, in fact, a Dodge pickup.

They obtained a problem to drive by means of Alabama with out getting shot or arrested, with bonus factors for getting each other shot or arrested by “adorning” every others’ vehicles with selection slogans antithetical to this “Bible-bashing, redneck, deeply Christian” a part of the nation. This resulted within the slogans: “Hillary for president,” “Man love guidelines,” “and “Nation and western is garbage,” amongst others.

At one level, a gas station proprietor asks, “Are y’all homosexual trying to see how lengthy it takes to get beat up in a hick city?” Regardless of Clarkson trying to reassure her he’s, certainly, married with youngsters, she stays unimpressed and says she goes to “get the boys.” At this very good second, Could’s Cadillac wouldn’t begin and wanted a bounce from Hammond whereas a truck carrying massive males with shotguns pulled in. These guys begin throwing rocks on the movie crew, pelting the van. Clarkson takes off, adopted shortly after by Hammond and Could. Video recording ended, and solely audio was captured throughout their getaway, adopted by a mobile phone video of them eradicating the offending slogans.

Whereas many of the “Prime Gear” hijinx are rigorously scripted and staged to some extent, this was not. Hammond has since stated in interviews that it was the scariest second ever recording the present and a really actual scene.