One Of The Weirdest Tanks Of WWII: The Praying Mantis

Each prototypes had been powered by a 3.9 liter Ford V8 engine that produced 85 hp. Nevertheless, a giant motive the tank by no means made it to the sector was that the neck swayed forwards and backwards in addition to bouncing up and down, bogging lots of the crew members who examined it down with aggressive movement illness. 

The controls had been additionally tough to make use of, and, in 1944, the British Military gave up on the Mantis. The primary prototype was became scrap steel, however the second is now housed within the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. Even though the Praying Mantis was finally a failure as a battlefield weapon, the idea of an armament that might be raised up over obstacles and lowered for transport did discover its method into different army machines such because the anti-tank guided missile launching FV1620 Humber Hornet. 

[Featured image by Leander9999 via Creative Commons|Cropped|CC by 4.0.]