How Scientists Plan To Discover The Mysterious Depths Beneath The Antarctic Ice

On the outset, you will need to decode the relatively complicated title that the researchers have chosen for his or her probe. Whereas the “Triple” in TRIPLE-nanoAUV 2 stands for “Applied sciences for Fast Ice Penetration and Subglacial Lake Exploration,” the AUV bit is brief for “Autonomous Underwater Automobile” — with the “nano” bit describing its relatively diminutive dimension.

Measuring simply 50 cm lengthy and 10 cm thick, the TRIPLE-nanoAUV 2 is just barely bigger than a typical toy. The small dimension of the AUV was a necessity as a result of it needs to be transported via the ice as payload inside a melting probe. This melting probe is important to soften the frozen ice and create a pathway for the AUV to succeed in the sub-glacial waters. 

The AUV itself will probably be powered by batteries, together with a bunch of devices and sensors designed to seek for indicators of life and acquire samples. As soon as the AUV reaches the specified depth, will probably be powered on and might function for a number of hours on a single cost. 

Along with the AUV, the staff additionally intends to anchor an underwater docking station designed particularly for the AUV, which can function a docking station and a communications unit. The TRIPLE-nanoAUV 2 system will probably be examined within the spring of 2026 throughout a discipline trial beneath the Antarctic ice shelf, close to the Neumayer III Station.