Can You Use PSVR2 On PC? Right here's What Occurs If You Attempt

Based on The Verge, the quick reply to the query “can I take advantage of my PSVR2 to play VR video games on my PC?” is “not likely.” Whereas PCs can decide up PSVR2 controllers by way of USB, the drivers for the precise system do not exist. PC video games merely aren’t coded to learn the PSVR2 as a VR headset. The very best they might do was use the headset as a second display,┬áThe Verge discovered.

There may be hope, nevertheless. Skeptical market observers would possibly assume that Sony would construct their peripherals to work solely with their extraordinarily worthwhile flagship console. The truth that the controllers work suggests in any other case. The Verge quotes Sony consultant Beca Truong in saying that “the PSVR2 is created to be used with the PS5 console,” but in addition notes that she prevented the query about whether or not Sony would possibly discover PC compatibility at a later date. Provided that the unique PSVR obtained unofficial assist in SteamVR by way of third-party apps, avid gamers have purpose to be cautiously hopeful.