At present's Wordle Reply #641 – March 22, 2023 Resolution And Hints

The reply to in the present day’s Wordle reply (#641 – March 22, 2023) is “quilt.” Per Etymonline, it is the time period for a quilt or comforter full of “down,” which is the phrase for the mushy, first feathers of child birds that is additionally used for stuffing pillows and beds.

In keeping with the identical supply, “quilt” is of French origin: from a phrase of the identical spelling which was earlier spelt “dumet,” a diminutive of “dum,” which means “down” — which is itself from Outdated Norse “dunn” of unsure origin.

It took 4 guesses to resolve the puzzle in the present day — we had higher luck with yesterday’s Wordle, which we solved in two tries. We went with “fabric” as our beginning phrase, after which adopted with “patsy” and “pattern.” There have been 4 different potential solutions aside from “quilt,” so it is nonetheless a bit fortunate that we guessed it appropriately on the fourth strive. We hope you’ve gotten higher luck.