5 Of The Strangest Xbox Controllers We've Ever Seen

How may we not acknowledge the truth that the unique Xbox controllers have been arguably weirder than anything on this checklist? Nicknamed the Duke, the preliminary design for the Xbox controller again in 2001 was met with criticism. And in response to Polygon, just a few issues have been thrown at designer Seamus Blackley on stage throughout shows. Whereas getting issues thrown at you is uncalled for, one take a look at the Duke will inform you why it was so ill-received upon launch.

The largest difficulty was, after all, the dimensions. It appeared far too huge to correctly maneuver, particularly in comparison with the controls of its main competitor, the PlayStation. That is particularly evident in how little house there may be for customers to grip the handles because of how spherical and huge its middle is.

As Polygon notes, although, the difficulties introduced forth by its unwieldy dimension have really benefited Xbox players in the long term. When you may determine this controller, who says you possibly can’t determine others? This nostalgic retrospection has resulted in newer variations, however nothing can fairly come near the Duke.

[Featured image by Evan Amos via Wikimedia Commons | Scaled | Public Domain]