10 Strangest PlayStation Controllers We've Ever Seen

Each “Resident Evil” recreation incorporates a mascot monster. For “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis,” it is the titular Nemesis, and for “Resident Evil 2,” it is a toss up between Mr. X and G-Birkin. The face of “Resident Evil 4,” in the meantime, is the masked Dr. Salvador and his lethal chainsaw. Since Dr. Salvador is the bane of many playthroughs, why not cathartically flip his weapons on different Ganados and Las Plagas?

When Capcom launched “Resident Evil 4,” the corporate collaborated with NubyTech to provide a chainsaw-shaped controller. Sadly, the peripheral was designed with kind over operate. The machine technically works, however its buttons are specified by hand-cramping places. For an added layer of intrigue, the blood spatters that embellish the controller are utilized randomly, so no two chainsaws are the identical.

Since “Resident Evil 4” was initially developed for the Nintendo Gamecube, the chainsaw controller was created with that console in thoughts. When Capcom ported the sport to PlayStation 2, a PS2-compatible chainsaw┬áinevitably adopted shut behind. The PS2 variant clearly sports activities the suitable buttons, in addition to a purple paint job. Sarcastically, whereas the PS2 port of “Resident Evil 4” is graphically inferior to the Gamecube authentic, its chainsaw controller is the superior peripheral, if solely as a result of it provides a ripcord that triggers chainsaw noises.